Become More Creative: Release the Stress, Embrace the Tension

Most people will experience a huge level of stress as they are reaching a new level of development. The reason we feel this stress is because we feel out of control. And usually, we feel out of control because we haven’t discerned what the threat is. You might think the threat is economics—will the stock […]

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Find Balance, Save Your Life

When we first moved to the Great Sage Plains of Colorado, the sacred ancient grounds of the Ute, Anasazi and Hopi, we decided to live as sustainably as possible, making as little impact as possible. One of our first considerations was water, namely how to find it in this arid high desert. It was a […]

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Should Work-Life Balance Be A Priority?

If our strategy to achieving work-life balance is to figure out how to allocate the same amount of time and effort to the various areas of our lives, something or someone is going to get shortchanged. Usually us.

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Want To Spur Company Growth? Let Your Heart Talk To Your Brain

No matter how successful you are, there is always a surprise around the corner. Having the ability to interpret the business environment differently is an empowering skill for leaders who no longer want to fear the shifting earth beneath every business and react to this reality with less stress.

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The Question of Plant and Animal Intelligence

In the dispute over whether a selfie can belong to a monkey, the monkey lost. The U.S. Copyright Office decided that the selfies a group of Indonesian macaques snapped belong to no one. Food for thought, but what seems to have been lost in this episode is another, larger issue — how intelligent these and […]

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Reaching Your Full Potential: The Secret? Getting Introspective

Think about it: If something has worked, you want to do it time and again because there’s less risk involved—the results are proven. Brains are constructed to mitigate risk and are committed entirely to survival. So what do we do in the world we experience right now, where we have to be practical, creative and […]

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Fear of the Unknown – Part III – Play and the Vista Caballo Experience

Sure, there are days when I need to remind myself not to take things (or myself) so seriously. After all, my old “method of operation” muscle–the safety of “knowing”–became very strong. So, yes, I still practice at fun.

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Fear of the Unknown – PART II – The Lost Art of Play

What does play look like if you (like so many adults) have difficulty connecting to your sense of play? A few years ago I probably couldn’t have answered that question. I’d become so work-driven I lost my sense of play.A coach I hired gave me an exercise. She said, “I want you to give me a […]

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Fear of the Unknown – PART I – What Is it Really About?

I would be hard pressed to tell you how often I have heard someone say, “I want to do this or that, but I am afraid.” I am quite fascinated with human behavior and what drives it. I am usually led to ask, “Afraid of what?” I am quite often met with the response: “Afraid of the […]

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Find Yourself Through the Primal Connection

We frequently invest in making ourselves more beautiful and attractive from the outside. Upkeep can be exhausting. This is your chance to find yourself and make that same kind of transformation from the inside.

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How to Have a Successful Life: Stop Looking at What’s Missing and Trust Yourself

If there is a lack of success in your life, chances are there’s a lack of trust. Invest in building trust—in yourself and all your relationships. It gives trust fund a whole new meaning.

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The Incredible Process of Facing Your Fear

Whatever you are most afraid of will continue to show up in your life until you face it. Facing your fear is the start to a life of freedom. Not managing your fear. Not overcoming it. Facing it.

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