Imagine knowing your full potential and creating your ultimate future from a place of fulfillment. With Vista Caballo’s experiential simulators this imagination is made real. We provide customized, in-person experiences either on-site or at one of our chosen stunning wilderness locations.

There are two types of offerings: The Private Immersion and The Hybrid Experience.

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THE Private immersion

These are interactions with horses for your personal and leadership development. For two days you (and your team) will step out of your world to experience theirs. You’ll come face to face with your subconscious operating system and what’s holding you back from getting ahead.

Customized In-Person / TEAM Experiences

Become Aware • Centered • Mindful

key Features of The private immersion

  • A customized-in person experience on- or off-site for individuals or group training.
  • 1-on-1 Leadership coaching with Lisa Arie. Unlock key insights to fulfill your purpose as a leader.
  • Work with all your intelligence systems. You have several.
  • Identify blind spots. Experience real-time what it’s like to operate and see the impact without them.
  • Add on our science-based, interactive on-line program to integrate your new learning as you return home. For teams, move and integrate the learning forward together.

What others have said

Lopa Mehrotra

The work with Lisa and the horses is profound. It reacquaints us with the knowledge that we can fully operate on levels that the modern world has disconnected us from.

Learning through honest, simple actions and interactions, calibrates our internal compass on deeper levels. We become more assured in our decisions.”

Lopa Mehrotra
Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Non-Profit Executive Leader

Debra Clary

“Vista Caballo enables individuals and whole organizations to comprehend what their real potential is–and then change from the inside-out.”

Debra Clary
Director, Humana Leadership Institute

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The Hybrid Experience

Personal + Leadership Development. Digital + Experiential. Suspend your self perception and you can see the truth of who you really are — not who you have trained yourself to be. This neuroscience and nature combination gives you and your teams a living 360° inside-out experience of your intent and your impact.


Activate • Engage • Discover What’s Possible

key Features of The hybrid experience

  • Align your intent with your impact
  • Experience in real time the power of intention + presence
  • Work hand in hand with the horses-living sensors for your ability to be present.
  • Experience the sustained change that comes from elevating subconscious thinking to conscious thinking
  • Become accountable in new ways
  • Gain awareness of your decision-making style outside of your comfort zone.
  • Learn what you need to lead yourself and your teams forward with greater confidence and less stress
  • Learn how to identify and address where the gaps are and open your mind

those who have come before you

“As a businessman…I can see there’s a direct application in managing people… What it really is, is an experience that puts you in a different frame of mind– and then you see all the ways that same frame of mind can lead to different parts of your life.”

Bruce Eames
CEO, Quantlab Financial

My intention in coming here, what I thought I was going to learn, paled in comparison to what I got. This place seems to unlock your knowledge. Knowledge that has always been there. It gives you layers of confidence. I think you are chosen to come to Vista Caballo. It’s a calling.

Alfonso Montiel
CEO, The Lemon Tree Trust

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