Vista Caballo is an award-winning, international human and leadership development center for a new breed of leaders-leaders who know it is only through the power of self-discovery and personal transformation will we be able to propel perceptive human solutions to our social and environmental problems.

It is located on a private 160-acre nature preserve
in Colorado.

We combine nature and neuroscience to produce epiphanies and clarity.

Rid yourself of non-essentials. Become a simpler, more powerful you.

What happens is whatever you let happen. What you get is always unexpected.

This is a program and tool I really connected with and it’s driving me to the next tier of performance. It connects on multiple levels, from the individual through to the group, centering the individual and helping people perform.

No team is going to perform if each individual isn’t present and ready, and that’s what we’ve seen as really unlocking performance in this program. ”

—Jostein Solheim ,
Head of Unilever Food & Beverage NA,
Former CEO, Ben & Jerry’s


You are a high achiever or a high achieving company who wants a direct route to transformation. You want what’s next. You want to fulfill your mission and your intent as a leader in your industry and as a human being. You want to operate at the top of your game-you know there’s more. You are ready.

You are looking for a specific type of development and experience. One that optimizes and actualizes. An experience that transforms. An experience that works. An experience that sustains. An experience that re-energizes and reinvigorates your understanding of life. An experience that cuts right to the chase, leaving you, your teams, your company centered, energized and passionate.

Vista Caballo delivers that experience.

Tim Photo “To say that any of my senses, passions or visions were ‘renewed’ in any way would be totally inadequate and it would be an absolute disservice to its reality. I can say with utter confidence that this approach is unique, disruptive and pivotal. That’s a benefit to my life because that’s what I aspire to for my own life and work, and I don’t have even one nanosecond to spare, let alone waste, on anything less.”
—Tim Jahnigen, Founder, One World Play Project

Lauren Photo“I am a searcher of transformative experiences. What I did not know would happen at Vista Caballo was the connection to and the power of the horses. It was mind blowing and so authentically real. And it continues. It sustains. It gave me increased vision and knowledge. The work of Vista is real, authentic and comes from the heart. It is a connection to life.”
— Lauren Embrey, CEO and President, Embrey Family Foundation

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