Vista Caballo is an experiential discovery center creating a new breed of leaders.

Vista Caballo is located in Colorado on a private 160-acre nature preserve.

Vista Caballo works with nature and neuroscience to produce epiphanies and clarity for those who value time – and want to spend it well.

Here you learn to rid yourself of non-essentials, so you can live in the present as a simpler, more powerful you.

Tim Photo “To say that any of my senses, passions or visions were ‘renewed’ in any way would be totally inadequate and it would be an absolute disservice to its reality. I can say with utter confidence that this approach is unique, disruptive and pivotal.

“That’s a benefit to my life because that’s what I aspire to for my own life and work, and I don’t have even one nano-second to spare, let alone waste, on anything less.”

—Tim Jahnigen,
Founder, One World Play Project

Take Possibility to the Edge

The people who come to Vista Caballo are high achieving leaders and people with a penchant for what’s next, wellness, social responsibility and human evolution – starting with their own. These people include CEOs, C-Suite executives, board members, business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and philanthropists.

What they’re looking for is education and a different type of discovery experience. An experience that transforms. One that re-energizes and reinvigorates their understanding of life. One that gets them ‘there’.

Vista Caballo delivers that experience.

Lauren Photo “I am a searcher of transformative experiences. What I did not know would happen at Vista Caballo was the connection and power of the horses. It was mind blowing and so authentically real. And it continues. It does not go away.

“It gave me increased vision and knowledge. The work of Vista is real, authentic and comes from the heart. It is a connection to life.”

— Lauren Embrey
CEO and President, Embrey Family Foundation

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