The Center Experience


 Learn how to expand your heart and be a kinder, more open, more present, more connected leader.

The key differentiator in your life is YOU. Humans are relational beings. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships with yourself, others, your environment, your work, your passion, your purpose.Your ability to connect is your most valuable commodity.


  The Center Experience provides you with the structure and scientific underpinnings to connect in a deeper, kinder, more genuine way.

When you are connected you use fewer resources of time, talent, and energy. You gain more productivity, engagement, and performance and increase your impact.Your levels of empathy and understanding can increase. You can realize your incredible human potential and transform your life and your leadership.


The Center Experience is a blended learning and development experience.  It takes you on a journey to develop the power of inter-connectedness between your heart, mind, and willpower. Speed up your natural growth processes and access new levels of awareness and clarity. Discover what has been keeping you back from getting ahead and leading the life you are here to live.

This experience is recommended for organizations seeking to take ‘people-centric’ to its next level. These organizations and their teams are looking to explore different ways to view work, life, and the purpose of both. They are committed to continuous personal growth and development, are open to new ideas and being positively challenged, want to influence and make a positive impact, and are ready to access and leverage their human potential


  • Work in cohorts-learn with and from each other

  • Daily prompts morning and evening to keep you on track

  • Shift your perspective and create a new reality. Five minutes every the morning , five in the evening. Saturdays off

  • Weekly video conference calls with Lisa

  • Your insights captured in your own personalized Book of Insights to download and keep at the end of each course

  • Your own personalized library to track your progress

Is it time to lead the life you came here to live?


Working through The Center made me realize that I had been leaving myself behind.

I’m attending college this year without really knowing what I want to do, which used to worry me a lot. Not knowing who I really am as an individual was something that I was super stressed about. It seemed daunting. But now I see it as an opportunity to explore, and a time for me to figure out what I like to do.”

— Ariana Mehrota
Student, Age 18, Tufts University

The Center experience is a phenomenal program that tied together so many aspects needed to be a great leader today.

By integrating mindfulness, vulnerability, and science, Lisa’s approach allowed us to connect deeply to ourselves and clarify our professional and personal mission. I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone looking to expand their mind to become a more open, kinder and connected leader. 

— Kaede Matsumoto
 Global Brand Style Guide Director, Levi Strauss & Co.

“When I started the Center Experience I had already taken a few courses in leadership development, but had never set any lofty personal development goals to become the leader I envisioned myself to be.

The Center Experience helped me identify what that vision looks like, and prepared me with some valuable tools and exercises for making this vision my new reality.

The Center Experience has also helped me keep on course with my new reality by providing tools to enter situations with intention, center myself when needed and stay present. With Covid-19 happening this has been super valuable and remain hopeful and optimistic about the future. I woke up excited to learn what provocations awaited me. Do not pass up an opportunity for this level of personal development. You don’t have the time not to take this course.”

— Jeremy Hulsey
Flagship Scoop Shop & Catering Manager, Ben & Jerry’s

“If you’re looking for a different way to view your life, your work, your purpose, or just thinking about being more authentically “you,” then The Center Experience is for you.

The Center Experience helped me uncover a new reality in how I needed to approach my work and my life; this enabled me to operate from a place of calm, purpose, and clarity during some very stressful times. What was most surprising was that there were people just like me, professionals, struggling, learning, trying to be better for themselves, their partners, their jobs, the planet. SO. REFRESHING!”

— Kevin Favreau
Retail Supply Chain & Company Stores General Manager, Ben & Jerry’s

The most surprising thing about The Center Experience was getting to know who I was. I felt like I was meeting myself for the first time. I learned how to appreciate my value, what I have to offer, so now I feel more ready to offer myself to the world. The Center Experience is great for anyone who has dreams and wants to turn them into goals. It gets you out of your head, takes away the excuses and gives you to motivation to get things done.

— Darryl Young
Youth Intervention Advocate Advisor/Student Support and Engagement/Special Education Teacher, High School For Recording Arts St Paul, MN

“I enrolled myself and my team in The Center Experience to unite us as a team, help us to rekindle our creativity and passion, and to give us the boost we needed to get through yet another pandemic winter. The Experience succeeded in all three objectives. Personally, I feel a lot more focused and energetic, ready to move mountains whereas before I started the Experience I was burned out. What was most surprising abut The Center Experience was how the power of small, but intentional, focus twice a day can get big results.  What I learned equips me to solve work challenges in a better way, equips me to be a better leader and a better human.I highly recommend to those seeking to access, uncover and hone their own authentic leadership abilities.”

Kara Niles
Director, Internet Society