Advisory Board

Tom Gilmartin

Have you experienced meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you’ve known them your whole life? That’s how it was, and remains, for us when we met Tom. Tom has spent 20+ years schooled in the art of bridging the power of strategic creativity of Madison Ave with the power of ever-evolving creative technology in Silicon Valley. He spent the last decade earning a deep understanding of how to grow, nurture and guide large teams through the volatile, chaotic and rocket-pace of a platform like Facebook. Tom has shared conference rooms, trans-global jetliners, production vans, VR headsets and sleepless nights with leadership teams from Sony, Audi, Lexus, ESPN, Hulu, Disney, EA, Levi’s, Microsoft, Hyundai among many others. Along the way he has wielded almost every tool in the new media toolkit, from the completely digital to the somewhat traditional to the AR/VR/MR/AI landscapes now being unveiled in the Metaverse. He lives in Palos Verdes CA with his wife, Sara, their three children and the family quarter horse, Biggs. And now he is part of Vista Caballo. And his horse is too.

Jane Goetschius

After 30 years of working in corporate human resources, Jane created a mission-based  business venture, Sea Lane Studio. The learning and experiences working in the corporate world shaped her work in becoming a stronger, more empathetic leader, unconventional Human Resources Business Partner and pioneer for next generation of work cultures and communities.

We met and worked with Jane when she was the Global Head of People at Ben & Jerry’s.  It was love at first sight for us. Jane not only has the corporate experience from years of working with companies like  IBM, Unisys, BF Goodrich Aerospace, among others, but she has the true insight into people and how to build and grow people-focused mission driven businesses. She was instrumental in our great success with  Ben & Jerry’s and took what was possible to the next level (ask for the case study).  We were ecstatic when Jane accepted our invitation to be part of our advisory board.

John Romer

John is a lifelong learner and Healthcare innovator with 25+ years leading enterprises. We met and became fast friends when he was President of DaVita RX where he lead an enterprise growth strategy and expanded the business from $200 million to $1.3 billion in revenue in 5 years and brought us in to work with his leadership team. His experience also includes healthcare information technology, revenue cycle, management and launching entrepreneurial ventures. John has an AB in Economic Theory from UC Davis, and an MBA in Finance from California State University-Hayward.

Andy Sontag

Andy is the Program Manager at Kaospilot Experience Design  in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is an experience designer speaker and educator. He works with leaders from Brazil to Hong Kong in organizations like Volkswagen, Oxfam, and IKEA to support them in designing experiences that grow people and relationships. He bridges the worlds of design and organizational change through the learning experiences he designs. We have known, worked with and loved Andy for many years and love his Scandanavian perspective as we look to continually optimize and improve our offerings.