The Stillpoint Experience



Uncertainty Makes Your People Feel Out Of Control.

As the world becomes more complex, employees feel more uncertain than ever before. This leads to slower problem solving, higher stress levels, less innovation and resistance to change.

Traditional Learning and Development (L&D) fails to address these problems: 90% of the training is forgotten within a week, and just 12% is ever applied to work. But simply fixing existing methods is not enough. Because the real problem is your people are stuck in unconscious thought patterns that limit their potential.

There are Hidden Depths in Your Thinking.

Research has shown that 95% of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviors lie beyond conscious awareness. The StillPoint Experience brings that thinking to the surface. 

This equips your people to understand how unconscious thought patterns control their behavior; know which thought style can transform their results in real-time; and rewire their thinking to respond better to uncertainty and produce better results in both the short and long-term. 

Bigger, Bolder, Better Decisions In Three Minutes A Day. 

It’s Easy. It’s Sticky. It’s Daily.

We equip leaders and their teams with our proprietary, science-based Software as Service (SaaS) system. It provides your people with insight into established thought patterns; interventions to develop new, more balanced ways of thinking; and interactions that apply new thinking to real workplace scenarios and challenges. 

From innovation and change readiness to team transformation and leadership resilience, this product equips your people to balance their thinking, own their future, and get excited about taking on complex challenges.

Decrease Uncertainty. Increase Performance.

Rather than focusing on specific abilities, The StillPoint Experience focuses on increasing the quality of decision-making when you are outside of your comfort zone, expanding thinking, and mindfulness in any situation. Learning happens while working on real-time challenges, not simulated situations, so results are instantly beneficial to the business, the team, and the individual.

With the clarity that comes from knowing your blind spot and elevating your subconscious thinking to conscious thinking, you and your teams can make bigger, better, bolder decisions, increase confidence in complex decision-making under pressure, decrease conflict, improve focus, improve communication, increase innovative thinking, increase collaboration all while solving your most complex problems.

Equip Your People To Actively Enjoy Taking on Complex Challenges.

This is for people, leaders, and their teams who love to challenge themselves to be their best. It is for those who want to access and experience their potential, and love to learn. It is for those seeking to access and use their most innovative thinking to make a positive social and environmental impact in an accelerated time frame. It is for those who are ready to unlock their future.


  •  A dynamic, iterative SaaS system that leads you through the four essential stages of learning and identifies the blind spot to what’s holding you back from reaching your goals

  • An science-based psychometric assessment that takes less than 15-minutes, provides personalized learning modules and a progress chart to see your results in real-time

  • Provides a download of your results immediately upon completion of your evaluation.

  • Brings awareness to the thinking behind your thinking

  •  A dynamic chart that provides the structure to become your own benchmark against which you measure your own progress

  • Provides informative prompts delivered daily to help you stay focused. Turn them on/off at will

  • 3 week, 3 minute-a-day, online learning journeys to develop and master your decision-making skills using real-time, self-selected challenges

  •  Accelerates clarity, confidence and innovation in those high stakes moments you want to shy away from


Leading organizations have seen the benefits. Our clients have experienced significant results such as 50% reduction in meeting times, $475k in savings and improved wellness throughout their teams.



“The StillPoint Experience is a unique, creative, well-rounded, well-researched, well-thought out, science-based process for learning how to tackle problems, while developing your team(s). It led to some very impactful insights for the company.

Following the learning journeys with my team, I headed into a personal journey with The StillPoint Experience. I was a bit of a hot mess trying to figure out where I stood in my career and life cycle. The StillPoint helped me achieve a positive shift in my thinking. It helped me find my truths regarding work and what I want to achieve, what my operating system is, and what mindsets I need to focus on. It really helped me develop my personal and career goals and vision. I learned numerous skills to analyze reactions and to decide the best way forward. The StillPoint is based in neuroscience to assist you to shift your thinking and expand your thinking capabilities. While it is not therapy, I feel that we achieved more together than I would have from years of therapy. The insights gained not only helped me develop, they helped me let go of some of my old, harmful ways of thinking.

I cannot recommend The StillPoint Experience highly enough, both from a company and a personal perspective.”

— Margaret van Steenderen
Director of Operations, Duke Corporate Education


“The art of leadership is all about finding balance in a dynamic landscape.

I was surprised at how quickly I experienced shifts in my thinking and behavior. I didn’t have to build complex new practices into my daily life to get results. I loved learning and experiencing the modern science behind this experience. It brings about learning and embeds itself very quickly.”

— Stephanie Lowe
Director of Talent Development, Seventh Generation

“This has been a real self-discovery and profound development journey. During the past year, I learned how to appreciate and boost my curiosity to new unforeseen levels and see numerous growth opportunities ahead. Change is real and I can’t stop now wanting to learn.

In my lifetime I have often been exposed to human development experiences; this one has been a truly long lasting one, and the journey continues!”

— Pier-Luigi Sigismondi
Worldwide President, Dole Packaged Foods

“The StillPoint Experience and the skills it sharpens are invaluable. Personal growth and self-awareness is at the root of the ability to maximize your potential. The StillPoint Experience not only engages self-awareness but it gives you the tools to maximize your effectiveness, your efficiency and most of all your potential to get the most out of yourself.

— Paul Annacone
Former Top 15 Tennis Player in the World, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer & Sloane Stephen’s coach

“The StillPoint process goes well beyond Myers Briggs, DISC, Gallup, or any of the hundreds of methods to create strength and change in an organization’s culture. This process gets to the heart of a person’s make-up and expands their thinking, consciousness, and mindfulness. We have seen more innovative thinking, better decision making and an overall shift in positive communication.

I am thrilled with the outcomes of our team work and grateful for the honor of working with Lisa, her team and The StillPoint Experience.”

— Sara Harding
COO, Spirituality & Health

The StillPoint Experience is powerful. It helped me solve a challenge I had been unable to solve for 8 years in 2 sprints. It showed me how to define where to focus, and how to break down a problem into actionable steps to solve. This product is powerful for teams looking to innovate their way to success. I highly recommend it.

— Terri Maxwell
CEO, Shift/Co

The Vista Caballo StillPoint process is incredible at teaching daily presence and supporting needed areas of focus in thinking and creativity. The process is so poignant that it aligns areas of needed focus and benefit for both personal and professional life – helping to bridge both and to solve for life in a holistic fashion.

Startup Colorado used The StillPoint Experience to help entrepreneurs and CEOs expand their thinking styles as they endeavored into the world of policy advocacy. The process was instrumental in guiding them into new territory as they stepped outside their comfort zones. ”

— Delaney Keating
Executive Director, Startup Colorado

“The StillPoint Experience gave me tremendous clarity. As a management expert and former university instructor of socially responsible leadership, I have used and taught all sorts of tools to gain awareness and spur innovation. Immersing myself in The StillPoint Experience and working with Lisa Arie was a whole new experience! It challenged my way of thinking and brought me deep insight at a time when I was feeling the strain of burnout from the pandemic. Many other tools reveal your patterns or habits from the past and how they might be working for you, or not. They show you which box you’re in. The StillPoint Experience is much more generative than that. It trains you to move beyond your box and into an entirely new way of thinking. Super grateful and excited for what’s next!”

— Kimberly Kosmenko
Project Director, Optera


“When I first started The StillPoint Experience, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. The epiphany was learning I had to develop my self-inquiry. When I did, I saw a huge change in my thinking and my approach. I have a muscle to tap into what’s going on internally. I learned how to focus and get clear.  I had  old beliefs and filters that didn’t help me in the present moment. The StillPoint cleared those out. Now, I can see more clearly. If I had known how to tap in internally before I could have seen the mismatches in my life sooner. Before The StillPoint Experience my life was focused on professional results more than my personal happiness. Now I can have both. I am in a very different place now. I feel more connected and tapped in. I have the whole picture: personal happiness AND results. Results were my driver. Now I have results AND my whole self.”

— Susan Can
Chief Marketing Executive, Operation Smile

Equip Your People To Be Their Best In High Pressure Moments: Unlock Their Thinking. Unlock Your Future.