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Imagine where you could take your company if your leaders and their teams were unstoppable in their growth.

Our transformative technology, The StillPoint Experience, provides access to your subconcious thinking and elevates it to a conscious state so you, your company, your leaders and their teams grow continually and effortlessly.

The StillPoint Experience is a unique, digital, science-based solution to solve your most daunting challenges in 21-days or less. The StillPoint Experience uncovers blind spots, biases and old patterns, shows you how to clear your cognitive intelligence filters and re-calibrates your thinking every three weeks after only three minutes a day. With clarity and conscious-thinking you can change your approach and make better decisions on the fly, confidently.

For people, leaders and their teams who are looking to grow personally and professionally to reach their full potential, the StillPoint platform provides a unique, dynamic learning and development experience. The StillPoint product shows you how to re-calibrate and grow dynamically.

Rather than focusing on specific abilities The StillPoint Experience focuses on the quality of decision-making and how to expand thinking and mindfulness in any situation. Learning happens while working on self-selected real-time challenges, not simulated situations, so results are instantly beneficial to the business and the individual.

Key Features of the Digital Experience

  • A dynamic, iterative experience that leads you through the four essential stages of learning
  • An evaluation that takes less than 15-minutes, provides personalized learning modules and a progress chart to see your results real-time
  • Provides a download of your results immediately upon completion of your evaluation.
  • Brings awareness to the thinking behind your thinking
  • Provides a structure to become your own benchmark against which you chart your own progress
  • Provides informative prompts delivered daily to help you stay focused. Turn them on/off at will.
  • Provides three 21-day sprints including assessments and science-based strategies to develop different cognitive abilities with every purchase.

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What Others have Said

Stephanie Lowe

The art of leadership is all about finding balance in a dynamic landscape.

I was surprised at how quickly I experienced shifts in my thinking and behavior. I didn’t have to build complex new practices into my daily life to get results. I loved learning and experiencing the modern science behind this experience. It brings about learning and embeds itself very quickly.”

Stephanie Lowe
Director of Talent Development,
Seventh Generation

Arnold Ambiel

“Business moves very fast today and requires a leader to be constantly ‘on’. But there’s a difference between being on and being on ‘automatic’. The StillPoint Experience allows one to step back to observe oneself and adjust on the fly to improve performance. It has changed my approach to how I deal with issues or challenges. Solutions now appear much more readily than before.”

Arnold Ambiel
One World Play Project

Pier-Luigi Sigismondi

This has been a real self-discovery and profound development journey. During the past year, I learned how to appreciate and boost my curiosity to new unforeseen levels and see numerous growth opportunities ahead. Change is real and I can’t stop now wanting to learn.

In my lifetime I have often been exposed to human development experiences; this one has been a truly long lasting one, and the journey continues!”

Pier-Luigi Sigismondi
Worldwide President,
Dole Packaged Foods

Sara Harding

“The StillPoint process goes well beyond Myers Briggs, DISC, Gallup, or any of the hundreds of methods to create strength and change in an organization’s culture. This process gets to the heart of a person’s make-up and expands their thinking, consciousness, and mindfulness. We have seen more innovative thinking, better decision making and an overall shift in positive communication.

I am thrilled with the outcomes of our team work and grateful for the honor of working with Lisa, her team and The StillPoint Experience.”

Sara Harding
Spirituality & Health

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