Our Commitment to Climate Change

Vista Caballo works with Leaf Better Companies, a company that provides sustainability metrics. Vista Caballo is committed to mitigating climate change and our personal footprint. The United Nations has 17 sustainable development goals which includes climate action. By generating our own energy with solar panels we are avoiding 6 TONS of C02 emissions annually. For those emissions that were emitted, this year we purchased CERs (*) from the great Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, an initiative by InfiniteEARTH, that aims to reduce Indonesia’s emissions by preserving some 64,000 hectares of tropical peat swamp forest. The project is also designed to protect the integrity of the adjacent world-renowned Tanjung Puting National Park, by creating a physical buffer zone on the full extent of the ~90km eastern border of the park. We received our carbon credits certificate from the United Nations in acknowledgment of this. We stay dedicated to reducing our footprint as we grow. 

(*)CERs (certified emission reductions) are carbon credits issued by UNFCCC (United Framework Convention on Climate Change) by implementing projects in developing countries that have followed strict rules (methodologies approved by UNFCCC) also verified by a third party (accredited by UNFCCC), named CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). This strict process provides credibility to offsetting those emissions that, by the time being, have not been able to be avoided by your personal or organization´s activities. Buying CERs rewards projects in developing countries  for having implemented emission reduction initiatives and promotes forthcoming ones.