The couple named their human and leadership development center after a mountain in the distance that is shaped like a regal horse’s head. The name also reflected the work Lisa and Jess would now do: using “the perspective of a horse” to help people become centered and mindful, so they could reimagine the world and transform their vision of what’s possible.

Today, hundreds of people, including CEOs, financiers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors, consultants, psychologists, athletes, and families, have gone through the transformative work.

As a Certified B Corporation® Vista Caballo been recognized as Best For The World by B Lab since 2015.

We are on a mission to access and maximize human potential. Through our unique, science-based methodology focused on personal and organizational leadership, we equip and empower leaders to solve our world’s greatest social and environmental challenges.

The Horses





 Each member of our herd is an expert in presence. They roam freely across our property. Working with Vista Caballo, allows you to step out of your world and experience theirs. Our transformative leadership development programs stem from the insights we’ve gained from working with horses to help people access their full potential.

Many people ask whether they need to have any previous experience with horses. The answer is no. We have had clients with extensive experience and others who have never touched a horse. The one thing they have in common is that after working with Vista Caballo their perspective about horses, among other things, is different.










Vista Caballo is a 160 acre ranch on the back of the Baby Grand Canyon in the ancient Anasazi lands of the Great Sage Plains. At night you watch the Milky Way as it fills the expansive sky. This area is one of the last places on earth with no light pollution. There is no noise pollution.The horses are waiting. You’re in a landscape that is predominantly sky. If a raven flies overhead, you hear air whistling through its wings. If a horse snorts, you sense it. You’re in their world. While you’re experiencing these things, you’re making discoveries about yourself: “This is the thing I’ve always known.” When you finally have said what’s important, you return home. Transformed.


Jess and Lisa Arie co-founded Vista Caballo in 2005.


Jess Arie

Jess, a graduate of Texas A&M, is a former wildlife ecologist, elite athlete, and four time 24-hour race champion. Jess runs the Vista Caballo ranch operations.

Lisa Arie

Lisa, a graduate of Hampshire College, is the former CEO and founder of two multi-million dollar companies, and, at ten years old, published her first newspaper article about animal rights and the cruelty of zoos. READ MORE ABOUT LISA >

The couple live and work on their private nature preserve, with their herd of free-roaming horses, where they custom-design discovery experiences for Vista Caballo’s clients.