These are some of the inspiring stories of smart people who have gone through The StillPoint Experience. All were at a point where they needed fresh thinking and clarity to move themselves and their enterprises forward. These tales chronicle their journeys.

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Aaron Photo“StillPoint taught me that I wasn’t as focused as I should be. When I focused more, my vision became clearer.”

–Aaron Heinrich, Big Brand Theory, Asphalt & Dirt

The Power of Vision: A Storyteller Finds His Way Back to Writing Through Focus

After years as a professional weaver of tales at some of the world’s largest PR and marketing agencies, Aaron Heinrich stepped away, started his own brand agency and stumbled when the economy soured. The Stillpoint Experience taught him to refine his vision. The result? He focused more on writing, righted his company, and made himself a happy man.

Charles Photo“The StillPoint Experience has introduced balance to my life. Before this, imbalance was taking over my world.”

–Charles Neddermeyer, Buckley School

The Power of Vision: A Cerebral Academic Learned to Lean in and Changed His World

For most of Charles Neddermeyer’s life, he has believed in the power of the brain and knowledge. It’s been a fortunate perspective for a veteran of 17 years as a teacher, first in the high schools of gritty Detroit blue-collar neighborhoods, then in the civilized independent middle schools of Michigan and California. But it wouldn’t be enough for a lifetime of happiness, even though teaching, for him, “was always something so essential.”

Tara Photo“The StillPoint Experience should be used by anyone who wants to make the leap to conscious leadership and living a rich multidimensional life powered by love.

– Tara Sheahan, Conscious Global Leadership

The Power of Receptivity: An Innovator Learns to Trust Differences and Be More Receptive

After an athlete goes through years of debilitating chronic illness and keeps her mind open to unconventional mind-body treatments, she realizes even she could be more receptive.

Kassi Photo“The StillPoint Experience doesn’t label you. It gives you another way to think.”

– Kassi Hanson, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Are Your Dialogues One-Way Conversations? It’s Time to be More Receptive

One executive’s startling realization that she was shutting down dialogue by dominating the conversation. She stopped talking, started listening, and transformed herself and the world around her with receptivity.

Jane Photo“I’ve changed brain pathways. I’ve changed habits. I became unstuck.

–Jane Bowman Goetschius, Ben & Jerry’s

The Power of Persistence: Staying Focused and Persistent Means a More Conscious Leader, More Productive Employees

How revelations about the value of persistence helped a longtime human resources manager bring out the best in herself and her company’s employees.

Andy Photo“The most powerful thing was getting the results and
seeing the change.”

–Andy Sontag, UFUSE

The Power of Persistence: A Leadership Wunderkind Discovers That Focus Produces the Best Results

Andy Sontag’s greatest passion is “designing experiences that build relationships,” he says. The idea is that we humans need to collaborate to solve big problems like, say, the refugee crisis in Europe. “Problems like this can’t be solved by one individual,” he says. “I create experiences that build meaningful relationships between people. When you work as a group, it’s amazing what comes out of that.”

Mischa Photo“StillPoint has had a continuous positive effect on my productivity and self-awareness.”

–Mischa Delaney, Colorado B Lab

The Power of Persistence: How a Nonprofit Leader Became a Faster, More Centered Decision Maker

From an early age, Mischa Delaney knew she wanted a career that would be in service to others. She began her journey in that direction first with a B.A. in clinical psychology and then with a master’s degree in environmental leadership. Her studies fused her growing desire to impact as many people as possible with her belief in the potential of a systemic change in capitalism.

Villy Photo“The StillPoint Experience does a good job of opening the dialogue within yourself.”

– Villy Wang, BAYCAT

The Power of Persistence:
How It Paid Off for One Founder, Who Led Her Nonprofit to Powerful New Funding

After going through The StillPoint Experience, Villy Wang had an epiphany: She needed to persist, even while BAYCAT, her San Francisco nonprofit for underserved youth, labored under a deficit after two funding sources dropped out. Not long after this, formidable new guardian angels signed on, easing the nonprofit’s budgetary imbalances and restoring her faith.

Aaron Photo“I don’t go into meetings now with biases, but with an open mind.”

–Michael LaBuda, Dolphin Blue

The Power of Self-Inquiry: How an Operations Ace Learned to Open Up and Listen

So many business leaders think they need to dominate conversations with employees and board members. But Michael LaBuda discovered there’s another way: listening with an open mind, discussing and then deciding.

Allison PhotoWithin a month, the company had pivoted…The StillPoint became my rock. I kept coming back to my balance point for introspection, for growth and for inner happiness.”

–Allison McGuire, Walc

The Power of Self-Inquiry:
How a Tech Founder Pivoted in One Month to Create the World’s First Pedestrian Navigation App

After going through The StillPoint Experience, the founder of an app dedicated to helping pedestrians share their experiences on city streets decided she needed to go bigger. Her company pivoted and produced the world’s first navigation utility for pedestrians. Within two months, this app was winning competitions.

Ashley Photo“It took an outsider to identify my value and my work and say that back to me and identify what I could work on just to be my best self.”

–Ashley Orgain, Seventh Generation

The Power of Self-Inquiry: Learning to Conquer Fear and Stress in a High-Test Life

An environmental activist had spent years planting big ideas in the public psyche. But lately, she has trained her laser focus on herself. She’s working on being her best self, and her forward-thinking company is reaping the benefits.

Pam Photo“It’s not about strengths or weaknesses. It’s about awareness. And in that awareness, someone can be calm and centered and happy. And I am.”

–Pam Rusten, TransForm

The Power of Self-Inquiry: See Yourself Clearly and Build a Better Company

Pam Rusten is a force of nature. As a girl, she became a fearless, accomplished horsewoman. Later, she figured out how to cook and bake with heart and skill. Professionally, with a design degree in hand, she worked for years as an art director. She eventually switched to marketing, and today, she’s a master marketer with 30 years in the field and a history of successes at the corporate level and at her own marketing firm.

Penny Photo“Other tools are about what’s wrong. This one is about what’s possible.”

–Penny Tudor, Seventh Generation

The Power of Curiosity: How a Smart Executive Learned She Didn’t Always Need To Have the Answer

Penny Tudor is a scientist who works for the Best Company on Earth, an accolade earned by Burlington, Vermont-based Seventh Generation, America’s leading brand of nontoxic and renewable bio-based household, baby and personal care products.

Madison Photo“I’m so happy I completed StillPoint….I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last few months and I’m still learning every day .”

–Madison Quinton, St. Francis Xavier University

The Power of Curiosity: How a Driven Undergraduate Learned to Face Down Stress

Madison Quinton, at 21, has all the hallmarks of someone who will go far. She is self-disciplined, smart, sweet, great at managing her time and not afraid to make friends with her professors at Saint Francis Xavier University, an elite Canadian university that has produced a long list of scholars, artists, innovators and leaders, including at least one Canadian prime minister.

Tami Photo“I had not asked or expected my [top executives] to be vulnerable with each other. The Stillpoint Discovery Experience created this opportunity for them. The result: They grew closer and came to trust each other more.”

–Tami Quiram, Humana

The Power of Curiosity: How New Perspectives Made One Leader and Her Team Closer and Stronger

Tami Quiram has spent her life in analytical work. The weekends are for family and water sports from racing sailboats to water skiing—weather permitting—near her home in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area. But during the week, Quiram is a self-professed “numbers person” who has spent most of her professional life in the complicated, demanding world of insurance.

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