You Are Not Your Work: How to lead the life you were meant to live

No matter the social setting — whether it’s a date or a networking event — if someone asks you the question: “What do you do?” or “Tell me about yourself?”, the socially acceptable and automatic answer is usually a job title.This answer is very telling. We tend to tie our entire lives to our professions […]

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Women looking up at the light seeping through tree branches. Looking at her vulnerability.

How to Embrace Your Vulnerability To Unlock Greater Confidence

Conscious leadership is not about working towards the goal of becoming someone or something that you are not already.It’s about gaining a clear understanding of your power and truth, outside of your comfort zone. This is a process that initially may not feel great. When you step outside of your comfort zone, you are laying down […]

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How to Escape The Comfort Zone and Step Into The Unstoppable Zone

A science-based framework to face the fears found at the edge of your comfort zone. On the list of anxiety-inducing, gut-wrenching scenarios, negotiating with yourself to start a new professional venture can rank somewhere between trying to talk yourself into walking a tightrope over a 10,000-foot chasm and setting all your worldly possessions on fire. Great leaps […]

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Promise, horse part of Vista Caballo's herd is sticking her head over her fence - How to Expand Your Comfort Zone

How to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Among the many benefits that come with challenging your thinking, the opportunity to see your blinds spots is perhaps the most precious. Seeing your blind spots reveals the edges of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is often what you yearn for when you need a break from challenging situations ⁠— which can be life itself. […]

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