Become More Creative: Release the Stress, Embrace the Tension

Most people will experience a huge level of stress as they are reaching a new level of development. The reason we feel this stress is because we feel out of control. And usually, we feel out of control because we haven’t discerned what the threat is. You might think the threat is economics—will the stock […]

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The Question of Plant and Animal Intelligence

In the dispute over whether a selfie can belong to a monkey, the monkey lost. The U.S. Copyright Office decided that the selfies a group of Indonesian macaques snapped belong to no one. Food for thought, but what seems to have been lost in this episode is another, larger issue — how intelligent these and […]

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Find Yourself Through the Primal Connection

We frequently invest in making ourselves more beautiful and attractive from the outside. Upkeep can be exhausting. This is your chance to find yourself and make that same kind of transformation from the inside.

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The Incredible Process of Facing Your Fear

Whatever you are most afraid of will continue to show up in your life until you face it. Facing your fear is the start to a life of freedom. Not managing your fear. Not overcoming it. Facing it.

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