I wouldn’t qualify myself as one of the top 10 most creative kids on the playground–and that’s proven to me by my 6-year old niece and my 6-year old goddaughter on a fairly regular basis. When they say “Let’s build a fort,” I can still feel myself reaching for the phone book to find an architect. But they’re re-teaching me, and I’m re-learning, and it’s fun. So that’s one way we, as adults, can learn how to navigate whatever our sense of the unknown is–to incorporate our sense of play.

Forgotten what play looks like?

Look at a dog, look at a child, look at a really creative person. Study them. Imitate them. Experiment with what it feels like to be like them. Then integrate what feels good about that and see what happens to the rest of your experience of life. Sure, there are days when I need to remind myself not to take things (or myself) so seriously. After all, my old “method of operation” muscle–the safety of “knowing”–became very strong. So, yes, I still practice at fun.

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But I get better at it every day.

And that’s what happens to people when they come here to Vista Caballo; they watch people interact with the horses, they observe their willingness to explore themselves in play and to “not know,” and they have a ball in the dirt just like when they were kids, while they’re doing it. It’s some serious fun having a new experience of yourself.

We spend time getting to know our guests–so by the time they come here, they’re known. And when they feel known, they feel safe. They have a sense of themselves in a new space because they’ve found that new space within themselves. That makes “re-entry” into their lives with their new insights easy.

That’s how the “outside” and “inside” meet. That sense of alignment grows and expands; people feel integrated. In this new integration, people can see the world through new eyes. They feel a sense of peace and fulfillment. That’s what happens. That’s why it’s sustainable. That’s what the Vista Caballo Experience is.

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