Come Face To Face With The Toughest Negotiator You’ve Ever Met: You

The Vista Ecosystem is made up of five interconnected, inter related self-discovery experiences. You create your own experience based on the speed and depth that suits you best. You can sign up for one at a time, or any combination of the five.

Each experience is distinct and helps you understand yourself differently, so you can operate in the world in new ways. All of the experiences further your journey by exploring another within the Vista landscape of experiences.

Each contributes to a simpler, more powerful you.

The first experience built was the Signature Experience. It is a live, in-person experience created for one client at a time.

Lisa and Jess Arie made the experience as comprehensive as possible, using a multitude of dimensions, including the physical, cognitive, and energetic.

This is immersion at its best. The transformation, then, comes quickly and intensely. After creating the Signature Experience, the Aries never thought they’d need to create another experience.

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Many clients, however, asked if they could retake the Signature Experience, only this time they wanted to do it with colleagues, friends, or family. The Aries created the Group Experience.

The Group Experience is also a live, in-person experience. It takes place in an expansive natural terrain that speaks to each one of your senses.

Certain Group Experiences include an online think-tank component, which allows clients to continue the experience well after they’ve returned home.

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At one point, a client had signed up for an in-person experience, but couldn’t bear waiting for the day of their experience to arrive. They needed help now.
The Aries created the Epiphany Experience.

It’s the quintessential diagnostic. Over the course of two or three weeks, Lisa and the client have a handful of phone sessions. The problem-behind-the-problem is revealed.

The client leaves the sessions with a clearer head and more courageous path to walk.

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