Experience a One-of-a-Kind, Truly American Wildlife Conservation Opportunity

Experience a One-of-a-Kind, Truly American Wildlife Conservation Opportunity

Do you ever dream of connecting with the pristine natural landscape that existed in this country before industrialization took over the wild? Ever yearn to experience what America would have been like before colonization and overpopulation?

That pristine world is still here. I know because I live here, on the back of the baby Grand Canyon, in the unpopulated terrain of the Colorado plains.

This isn’t a human place. It is a wild place, unspoiled by the encroachment of people and buildings and concrete. Here the stars shine bright each night, miles from urban noise and light pollution.

And here is where untamed herds of wild horses run free on thousands of acres of untouched natural land. We live next to a nature preserve—a space we normally honor by leaving it alone and letting it be free. But right now, we have urgent reason to open these lands, to raise their profile and to highlight the need to protect them.

Right now, there is a quiet agenda in this country aimed at eradicating tens of thousands of wild horses—between 70,000 and 90,000 individuals. The reasons supporting this slaughter are dubious. Misleading claims about overpopulation or the carrying capacity of the land are not backed up by science, research or direct experience.

To combat this campaign of destruction, we are partnering with our neighbor, the Serengeti Foundation American Wild Horse Sanctuary to launch a campaign of connection. Starting this year, Vista Caballo is working with the Serengeti Foundation to offer the opportunity to come experience this wild herd first hand. We received very special permission to bring small groups to the wild mustang sanctuary in the valley behind us. This is a stunningly unique opportunity. Through Vista Caballo, you can experience this incomparable wildlife journey in a connected, holistic and truly transformational way. Hundreds of leading business leaders have visited Vista Caballo to open their minds to new possibilities and alter the trajectories of their lives. We invite you to use it as you join us to open your minds to what new possibilities we can create for the wild horses not protected by sanctuaries.

This one-of-a-kind experience offers a view of our country, our natural lands and our natural wildlife that is almost extinct in America today. It means transporting yourself to another place, and seeing the world through an entirely new lens—the lens of nature herself.


1-Day Experience

  • Lisa or Jess Arie, co-founders of Vista Caballo, personally guiding you for the day.
  • An all-terrain vehicle in which you and a few fellow passengers travel to, through and from the sanctuary and public lands where the wild horses reside. The terrain demands these types of vehicles. You will travel for nearly 2 hours to reach Vista Caballo and another hour to reach the sanctuary, all through stunning pristine land—a photographer’s dream.
  • A “saddle bag” lunch and beverage.
  • Entry into the sanctuary.
  • Private welcome session with the Serengeti USA sanctuary guardian about the wild horses, the sanctuary, and the need for protection and education.
  • A Guided Tour through the Sanctuary in search of the wild herds. This provides the rare opportunity to see horses in their natural habitat in the wild. This is a living example that there is a humane solution as opposed to the current rounding up of the horses which can include slaughter or adopt them out.

2-Day Experience

  • Everything that is included above plus:
  • A pre-tour day at Vista Caballo’s private 160 acres in the Great Sage plains where you will be introduced to their free-roaming horses and get the opportunity to interact with them. This program is designed to demonstrate how sensitive and powerful you are—each of us is a uniquely important individual who affects the universe and the beings around us in critical ways, small and large. Armed with this knowledge, your experience with the wild horses can be even more profound.
  • Access to our unique neuroscience decision-making tool that helps you open up to your most innovative thinking. We hope you become part of our think tanks in helping us create viable, sustainable, innovative solutions to this current problem. The day includes a mini think tank using your new skills.

We are currently working with the BLM to obtain permits to extend our tours to include visits to the herds on the public lands next door to the sanctuary.

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