We are celebrating our friend and neighbor, TJ Holmes. She lives in the valley behind us in these Great Sage Plains of Colorado. TJ, like us, has a passion for helping America’s wild horses. Due to her incredible efforts with the Spring Creek Basin herd, the BLM has increased the Appropriate Management Level for the herd. This means that the Spring Creek Basin wild mustangs can continue to live as free as they were born to be.

At a time when wild horses are being rounded up, this plan safeguarded them to safely thrive in their natural environment. TJ took the photo of a Spring Creek Basin herd mother and her baby below. Like all things worth doing, this wasn’t a small undertaking. It took years of fieldwork & research, and careful stewardship. It’s not only an inspiring story but also a great leadership lesson. “There’s a lot of crazy in the world,” says TJ, who spearheaded the effort. “BUT Spring Creek Basin, as so many have discovered, is a place of peace and beauty and magic and partnership, and our goals, set so long ago, are coming to fruition.”

Despite the world seemingly going haywire, TJ displayed vision, persistence, curiosity, self-inquiry and receptivity -the traits of great decision-making and innovative thinking – to help her navigate this history-making event. 

It’s a reminder that you can lead the life you were meant to live. Amidst uncertainty, volatility, and uncertain times, you can create calm and certainty if you set the right framework to follow your North Star. 

Your win doesn’t have to be enormous, either. As TJ said, “OK, in the grand scheme of all that’s going on in the country, in the world, right now, it’s a blip.” Research shows that focusing on the positive and celebrating wins leads to happiness increases in less than a week. Celebrating builds our resilience and helps us find more creative solutions to problems as we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have.

This is how unstoppable leaders define their success. They utilize the immense power of their innate wiring to make a dent in their corner of the universe.

What success are you focused on and you determined to persist? Have you visioned yourself celebrating your success? What tools or framework have you equipped yourself with to get there? If you don’t have any, we have one that aces this. Please write to me at [email protected] and share what success you are holding in your sights and what you are celebrating. P.S.: We will be bringing groups to see the wild herds in the basin when it’s safe to travel again. Let us know if you are interested.