The rules as you know them are obsolete. Anything is possible.

Features of The Vista Signature Experience

>A matchless, experiential six-month 1:1 study with Lisa Arie, customized for you and your schedule which includes:

> Our unique discovery process to help you articulate the ‘it’ – the trajectory/state of being you are coming to change.

>A private stay at the Vista Caballo sanctuary for three days and a few nights-160 acres dedicated solely to you and your Signature Experience with us.

>Private cabin. Private chef. Your own herd of horses. Work on all your intelligence systems.You have several.

>The Center Experience, our interactive, on-line program. This is done at home, after you’ve returned home, and integrates your new learning with your real-world challenges/ideas. Available only to Signature clients.

> StillPoint Discovery calls, to show you you how to use your new thinking to solve your most important challenges.

>Total privacy. Complete confidentiality. Direct access to Lisa Arie.

those who have come before you

“As a businessman…I can see there’s a direct application in managing people… What it really is, is an experience that puts you in a different frame of mind– and then you see all the ways that same frame of mind can lead to different parts of your life.”
— Bruce Eames
Quantlab Financial

“It’s the perfect setting to have everything come to the surface so you can get to it. All there is, is you. You focus just on you. I can’t remember the last time I could just focus on me.”
— Kimmy Umphenour,
Manager of Strategic Alliances

“My intention in coming here, what I thought I was going to learn, paled in comparison to what I got. This place seems to unlock your knowledge. Knowledge that has always been there. It gives you layers of confidence. I think you are chosen to come to Vista Caballo. It’s a calling.”
— Alfonso Montiel
Author, Investor

“A leader can’t do everything themselves. They have to be able to engage and empower and inspire the teams that they work with. That’s why this work is so critical, at a minimum, for the top leader in an organization. I’m not aware of where you can get this anywhere else. It’s life changing.”
— Mark Lefko
CEO and Author
Lefko Group

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