It’s time to be brave and look inside-not for what’s wrong-but to resource what’s right.

Features of The group Experience

There are two types of group experiences: The Basic Group and The Signature Group. Both feature:

>A customized in-person experience at a stunning Colorado wilderness location.

>A stay of two days and three nights.

>Your groups with Lisa Arie and a herd of horses.

>Work on all your intelligence systems. You have several.

>Your own cabins or rooms.

>A team of chefs.

The Signature Group also includes The Center Experience, our interactive on-line program that allows you to extend your learning in real-time as a group.

The StillPoint Experience is a pre-requisite for The Vista Group Experience

“I’m sitting at the Denver airport reflecting on my experiences this week. Top of mind words: amazing, challenging, stretching, growing, learning, life affirming. Your ability to create the right conditions in a planned, disciplined, and detailed way – combined with your ability to embrace the polar opposite in terms of the context – letting it be spontaneous, flexible and emergent is a privilege to witness and be a part of.”
—Dana Baugh,
DL Baugh and Associates,
Former Gallup
and GE Leadership Expert

“Vista Caballo enables individuals and whole organizations to comprehend what their real potential is-and then change from the inside-out.”
—Debra Clary,
Humana Leadership Institute

“Working with Lisa and the horses is the most incredible experience—it’s difficult to find the right words to describe it really. It changed how I look at just about everything, perhaps most importantly how I look at myself. Lisa is an amazing teacher and mentor. With the horses, she created a space that was honest and safe enough to allow me to recognize and actually verbalize my fears – out loud. Not an easy thing to do — and yet Lisa and the horses made it seem easy. Once I was able to see my fears, it became a lot easier to address them. I am still trying to understand how so much could happen in such a short time, how “going to the horses” as I like to call it could have such an impact. I do know that my work with Lisa and the horses started a journey of self-discovery that continues. I wish that I had met Lisa and the horses years ago. It would have made such a difference in my life up until this point. And frankly, that’s why I am bringing my daughter to the horses — so she can benefit from what they will teach her for the rest of her life.”
— Julie Parslow,
National Account Director,
Education, USA Today

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