It’s time to be brave and look inside-not for what’s wrong-but to resource what’s right.


Gain a deeper, truer understanding of yourself and your team. Gain awareness of your thinking style and master decision-making and goal achievement with greater confidence and less stress. Learn how to operate in the world and your professional environment in new, more authentic ways. Unlock your potential to imagine and create your ultimate future. We create a customized, unique context in an expansive natural terrain that speaks to each one of your senses. The Group Experience is a live, in-person experience that allows personal epiphanies and discoveries to be shared and experienced as a group – personal, family or business. Certain groups choose to include our online think-tank component, which allows participants to extend the experience and continue the learning well after they’ve returned home. What could you do if you could share epiphanies and discoveries as a group in a setting that is unfiltered by the familiar?

Features of The group Experience

There are two types of group experiences: The Basic Group and The Signature Group. Both feature:

>A customized in-person experience at one of our hand-picked, stunning wilderness locations.

>A stay of two days and three nights.

>Your groups with Lisa Arie and a herd of horses.

>Work on all your intelligence systems. You have several.

>Your own cabins or rooms.

>A team of chefs.

The Signature Group Experience includes The Center Experience, our interactive on-line program that allows you to extend your learning in real-time as a group.

The StillPoint Experience is a pre-requisite for The Vista Group Experience

“I’m sitting at the Denver airport reflecting on my experiences this week. Top of mind words: amazing, challenging, stretching, growing, learning, life affirming. Your ability to create the right conditions in a planned, disciplined, and detailed way – combined with your ability to embrace the polar opposite in terms of the context – letting it be spontaneous, flexible and emergent is a privilege to witness and be a part of.”
—Dana Baugh,
DL Baugh and Associates,
Former Gallup
and GE Leadership Expert

“Vista Caballo enables individuals and whole organizations to comprehend what their real potential is-and then change from the inside-out.”
—Debra Clary,
Humana Leadership Institute

“It’s the perfect setting to have everything come to the surface so you can get to it. All there is, is you. You focus just on you. I can’t remember the last time I could just focus on me.”
— Kimmy Umphenour,
Manager of Strategic Alliances

“Working with Lisa and the horses is the most incredible experience—it’s difficult to find the right words to describe it really. It changed how I look at just about everything, perhaps most importantly how I look at myself. Lisa is an amazing teacher and mentor. With the horses, she created a space that was honest and safe enough to allow me to recognize and actually verbalize my fears – out loud. Not an easy thing to do — and yet Lisa and the horses made it seem easy. Once I was able to see my fears, it became a lot easier to address them. I am still trying to understand how so much could happen in such a short time, how “going to the horses” as I like to call it could have such an impact. I do know that my work with Lisa and the horses started a journey of self-discovery that continues. I wish that I had met Lisa and the horses years ago. It would have made such a difference in my life up until this point. And frankly, that’s why I am bringing my daughter to the horses — so she can benefit from what they will teach her for the rest of her life.”
— Julie Parslow,
National Account Director,
Education, USA Today

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