Differentiate Between Real and Perceived

A laser-like experience to discover the problem behind the problem, the truth about what’s really preventing you from moving forward, sheds light on the familiar go–to strategies that are no longer working and provides clear next steps forward with stop gaps to prevent you from ricocheting back to the familiar, right from the comfort of your own home.

How natural systems evolve

Features of The Vista epiphany Experience

>A laser intensive with Lisa Arie

>A personalized diagnostic to discover the truth of what’s keeping you stuck

>Customized stop gaps to prevent you from snapping back to familiar go-to strategies

>Three phone sessions over the course of three weeks

>Email and text access for the length of the engagement

The StillPoint Experience is a pre-requisite for The Vista Epiphany Experience

Bill Photo“As with all things Vista Caballo, the title of this offering, “The Epiphany Experience” understates its true impact. There are epiphanies and then there are Epiphanies. In the ordinary usage of the word, we think of epiphanies as bursts of ideas or sudden realizations. But the Epiphanies discovered in Vista Caballo go deeper—they provide a sudden uncovering of new perspective. Not just new ideas, but an expanded field of new ideas, intentions, and vehicles for impact. In those moments where we can anticipate the changes that we can’t yet articulate, Lisa’s guidance in the Epiphany Experience is a great place to start.”
— Bill Turner,
Chief Knowledge Officer, Womble Carlyle

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