By Shamini Dhana, Founder and CEO, Dhana Inc.

I used to “think” about success as a state of mind, a point in time, that could be identified, measured and emulated – that people could compare and contrast one’s worth in the area of physical endurance, intellectual rigor, emotional balance, personal achievement, business impact and so on. 

This is no longer my understanding and reality of what success is. I have come to realize that “Success Is The Present Moment.” It is the total focus of all of one’s Being in the present moment, and that is all that matters. 

True success is found when you avoid the comparison and contrasting of places, people, data, messaging and emotions. In fact, there is no need for interpretation with baseline experiences when one is called into a conversation. The part about being attentive and truly listening with ones Being has taken a whole new level of understanding.

It was not easy to get here, and I cannot say I have “arrived” completely.  There is always the possibility to steer from this realization, as we have the propensity to fall back to old tendencies.  However, the opportunity to keep this realm in the present can be guided and made possible using tools and techniques that have been created through various practices, traditions and schools of thinking.

In my early years, I was fortunate to have had the experience of delving into many of the different eastern and western philosophies as an undergraduate who majored in philosophy.  And so, the questioning mind has been an integral part of my psyche – including the curiosity to grasp the meaning of life and unravel what we are all doing here to achieve, create or succeed in.  

Although the wisdom of the ages were revealed to me through scriptures, books and programs, the real connection between success and the present moment did not truly unveil until the present.

I cannot say there was one single teaching or program that caused this realization to take place.  It was a combination of circumstances which helped move me toward this direction. It may well have been the readiness to experience this reality, the result of clarity having no influences being ingested in the body, the yearning to move to a place of surrender, the eagerness to serve humanity and the discomfort in witnessing the greed, destruction and exploitation of people and planet.  I do not have the answer as to exactly why this all happened in this period and if it was in fact Divine Timing. Then again, it really does not matter now. 

The connection between being in the present moment and in doing what needs to be done and giving all the attention to that present moment without a waiver of doubt results in a deep sense of joy and if not bliss. This is my new reality.

So, taking this notion of doing what needs to be done in the present moment, it’s important to note that the doing has to be effortless, without conflict and absence of the ego.  The ego is driven by the thoughts that elevates oneself which suggests a state of comparison. The comparison then conjures up is the feeling of inadequacies or superiority.  

This is the falsehood of success as the perception is a thought process which conjures up a reality that is not in sync with anything that is real. For thought and comparisons cannot ever truly experience all that has occurred in life with another. There is not and never ever will be an ability to experience that which another goes through. We may use words to express an experience or reality, but our own salvation of life’s experiences can only be found in the here and now.

This leads us to what we can truly control: ourselves, through our thoughts, emotions and actions.  This is the first step towards the journey of success. The next step is a true leap. If there is one way to describe the experience, it would be the “losing” of oneself to the experience itself with all that is you – without thought or emotions.  It is the connection to what is alive and present. Be it a tree, the ocean waves, the act of gardening, or the course of a meal. The true success is the joy of being in the moment, consciously having all the senses engaged in the present activity and delighting in the journey.  When this is happening, success is taking place in every experiential moment.

This true leap didn’t happen suddenly. It took a concerted effort, and it didn’t occur in a vacuum. A place where I discovered and explored my connection to the world is Vista Caballo, based in Dolores County, Colorado.  With the help of technology and courses tailored for the conscious leader both online and offline, we are guided towards personal transformation, and able to use our unique gifts to advance humanity towards a healthy planet. This was indeed one of the areas I consciously invested in that has been instrumental in the unstoppable intensity I experience today by living the present moment of success. 

Seizing success in the present moment does not only have a profound effect on your own well-being and fulfilment – it also correlates to success in business. And as a leader, the success spreads to others. 

In my role as CEO of Dhana Inc., I take on the hiring process – be it employees, consultants or outside expertise. It is important – if not vital – to tune in to the interviewee and listen without interpretation what the person is saying as a response to a question or comment. One has to gather what motivates the person, how the person connects with people and planet, and is part of the solution and how to drive change and be a force for good. This is only achieved by being present, truly attentive, and listening without comparison. 

Listening to the answer in total presence is just as – if not more – important than asking questions. Without this presence, I would not be able to find the talented individuals who perfectly align with Dhana’s mission and values. I would be caught in the trap, as many tend to do, of asking questions simply to tick off a checkmark in comparison to other candidates. 

The Dhana team today is made up of one of the most talented, committed and conscious people who believe that fashion can unite humanity as well as tackle climate change towards a sustainable and regenerative planet earth. And as we travel this journey called Life, reinventing ourselves , every step of the way, I am forever grateful to have found success in the present moment.