“As human beings, we think that because we can think a certain way that we’ll think this way forever. What I discovered is that we spend years being unconscious in our thinking, in part because we’re growing up and living our lives. So, it takes time to untie all the tethers that have been woven together to shape you as an individual — which is a wonderful thing. Recognizing that you can unwind those tethers and recreate a completely new tapestry — is liberating.” — Susie Crippen, founder of 4, and co-founder of J Brand, Vista Caballo graduate

One important aspect of your leadership development is your willingness and capacity to develop new mindsets. It’s a skill that sets you apart and puts the reins of self-control squarely in your hands while connecting you to yourself and the present moment. Leadership development is a lifestyle. It grows and develops with practice. 

An easy way to begin to activate new thinking is to start your day with this question:

“Am I willing to challenge my thinking today?”

Leadership development is a lifestyle: it’s daily and starts with noticing your thinking.

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Your thinking drives your decisions. And your decisions define the life you are leading and your ability to tap into and transform your true gifts and talent.

Stay open and curious as you notice your thinking. Put down any judgment. This kind of loving, supportive introspective engagement can allow your thoughts and the behavior they garner to surface and empowers you to understand how they impact your life through the outcomes they produce.

As you gain awareness of your thinking you can begin to understand its influence on your perspectives, beliefs, assumptions, values, worldview, and, in turn, on the decisions you make. Through this awareness, you can begin to see and develop untapped areas of yourself and feel the sense of empowerment that comes from that discovery.

An easy way to start to see into these untapped areas that are ripe for healing and development is to ask yourself the following questions: 

“What triggers me?”

“Do I approach life responsively (openly) or reactively (defensively)?”

“Am I more comfortable in situations when I feel connected, or when I feel in control?”

Here’s how we do it:
The StillPoint Experience is our transformative technology platform that provides a framework for leaders to access their subconscious thinking. In 3 minutes a day, it prompts leaders to challenge their thinking, see the untapped areas ripe for development, and elevate their talent using new levels of consciousness. Our scientifically validated assessment empowers leaders and their teams to crack open their thinking, decreasing uncertainty and increasing performance on demand. Find out more here.

Your levels of courage and confidence are determined by your willingness to challenge your thinking.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/arielisa/nkedIn

To be an unstoppable, transformational mission-driven leader you need to be willing to let your mental guard down and question your beliefs, biases, mental constructs, approaches and assumptions. In these moments, its normal to freeze up and run for the safety of how we have done things habitually. This is why we need to develop our capacity to challenge our thinking as a leadership lifestyle.

A daily practice of challenging yourself will give you access to a whole new way of thinking which gives you access to a whole, new way of living. Learning to challenge your thinking as the way to thrive is liberating. It can empower you to deconstruct any self-imposed protective constraints that are keeping you from bigger, better opportunities and the life you want to live.                                

This leadership development tip is adapted from “The Best Way to See Your Blind Spots.”

Are you and your teams ready to unlock your thinking so you can unlock your future?

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