If you want to bring your leadership development to new levels of consciousness, start with how you lead your own self. Slow down the process of looking out and begin looking in to reach new levels of consciousness.

Conscious leaders—those who know how to lead outside of their comfort zones—keep their energy levels high and keep themselves in the right place mentally. To do a quick assessment on your own energetic and mental states, ask yourself: 

When I unplug from everything, do I feel energetic, or do I want to collapse?

Many CEOs, entrepreneurs and high achievers run on adrenaline, which differs completely from feeling naturally energetic. Restoring and regaining energy doesn’t mean you need to go on month-long vacations or run away from it all. Although depleting yourself to empty may require that. 

This is about starting where you are:

  • How much energy do you have?
  • Is it real energy, or is it fake (e.g. caffeine-induced energy)? 
  • Do you know how to tap into your internal energy?

As you understand how to tap into untapped energy by being introspective, it’s time to create space to do so.

Create space for yourself. 

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/arielisa/nkedIn

Create three minutes of space for yourself daily and fill it with what you want. It can be meditation, it can be breathing, it can be our StillPoint Experience, it can be Amy Cuddy’s power pose, it can be a yoga pose of putting your legs up a wall.

The StillPoint Experience is our transformative technology platform that provides a framework for leaders to create space in their busy schedules. Daily, in short sprints, it provides the ability for leaders to challenge their thinking, see their blind spots and elevate their decision-making to new levels of consciousness. Find out more here. 

Put it on your schedule for 3 days.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/arielisa/nkedIn

“This is my three minutes.”

Believe it or not, a lot of introspection can happen in three minutes. Set your timer and test this premise out. Creating space is so important that it is one of the foundational teachings in all of our programs at Vista Caballo

Space to grow sets you up for success.

So, start by scheduling 3 minutes a day for yourself in your calendar. After week one, two and three, notice your thinking. Notice if you are leaving yourself differently. 

And notice how this impacts how you lead others.  Once you gain awareness of your thinking, you can begin to find your blind spots and challenge them.

This leadership development tip is adapted from How to transform your talent into a new breed of leadership.” 

Have you created space for your leadership development?

Contact me about Vista Caballo’s StillPoint Experience if you are ready to create the space needed to reach new levels of consciousness.