Welcome to 2018. We are certainly living in turbulent times. Even more than usual at the start of a new year, this year seems to have many people committing, in countless varieties of ways, to work to improve our world.

The best way to effect change is almost always to start with opening ourselves to new possibilities. Are there things you’d like to change that you can’t seem to? What are you not seeing that’s right in front of you?

A New Perspective

Oftentimes, when we have difficulty visualizing or realizing goals, it’s because we need a new perspective.

It takes approximately 63 days to create a habit. How long have you been thinking the way that you have? Chances are, it’s more than 63 days. Many of us are trying to solve problems with habituated thinking created in days gone by. And we wonder why we’re not getting anywhere.

The simplest way I know to see the truth about myself is to work with horses. Working with another species gives me a new perspective like nothing else I’ve experienced. Horses tell it like it is—with no fear and no agenda. Horses show you where you are being inconsistent.

There’s a problem in the world that’s close to me, and it’s something I’m trying to change. Right now, there is an agenda in this country to eradicate tens of thousands of wild horses. To date the number is between 70,000 and 90,000 individuals. The reasons supporting this slaughter are dubious. Misleading claims about overpopulation or the carrying capacity of the land are not backed up by science or direct evidence.

My way to seek a solution was to open my mind. How could I help people understand this problem? What if people could really know these great creatures? What if they could see them running wild and free? Don’t we all long for that ourselves? To be free? To be strong and brave? Isn’t that what our country was founded on?

Asking these questions led me to question how to bring people to meet wild horses. What are the odds that we have a wild horse herd in the valley behind Vista and a sanctuary dedicated to protecting some of them? Normally, visitation is strictly guarded, but I knew the sanctuary is committed to the wild ones and educating people about the truth surrounding this issue. I reached out to ask if we could bring small groups to visit, meet the wild horses and be educated first hand. They said yes.

A Life-Changing Opportunity

There are a few prerequisites when it comes to changing our perspectives about ourselves in a nontraditional manner—such as learning from another species or making possibility a reality:

  1. Have an open mind. In this kind of experience, we need our curiosity firing on all cylinders.
  2. Open your heart. Release your personal point of view about yourself and open yourself to self-inquiry.
  3. Create a new narrative and persist in a new dialogue. It takes vision to see ourselves in a new way, and persistence to make change happen.
  4. Be ready to support yourself in bringing the new narrative to life. Change isn’t easy.

Starting in February, Vista Caballo is offering the opportunity for a wildly transformative two-day experience. Come spend a day at our ranch, or at our off-site base camp site (we determine where we meet based on weather) learning about horses, and the next day, go meet the wild ones.

Come open your mind. Come learn from a different species. Come discover what’s possible. Then live it.

Please contact me directly to put your name on the list of those who will be coming to meet the wild ones.