The Power of Vision:
A Cerebral Academic Learned to Lean in and Changed His World

For most of Charles Neddermeyer’s life, he has believed in the power of the brain and knowledge. It’s been a fortunate perspective for a veteran of 17 years as a teacher, first in the high schools of gritty Detroit blue-collar neighborhoods, then in the civilized independent middle schools of Michigan and California. But it wouldn’t be enough for a lifetime of happiness, even though teaching, for him, “was always something so essential.”

Neddermeyer comes from a family of teachers, who inspired him to enter the field he loves. In the beginning, he devoted his graduate work in Michigan and abroad to the subject. When he became a teacher nearly two decades ago, he gravitated toward social studies. But his passion was global studies including fields such as environmental sustainability, global connectedness and women’s issues, and that’s what he’s invested in as a teacher.

Right now, he teaches a seventh-grade Global Studies course at The Buckley School, a highly regarded coeducational independent school in Sherman Oaks, California, but he also gets involved with the students, working as an adviser for Buckley’s Multicultural Inclusion Group with students from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Neddermeyer has long been on a path that explores global enlightenment. It has made him a man with a passion to impart big ideas that engage young minds. “When you’re teaching kids great ideas, hopefully it does change the world; hopefully it does generate more love and understanding from a global perspective.”

His students, who affectionately call him “Neddy,” seem to appreciate his commitment to them. “As I get older and more refined in the craft, I hear from so many more students who are happy to boast of their success in the broader global community,” Neddermeyer says.


A friend—Alfonso Montiel—told him he had the perfect person to help him regain his footing. Montiel had gone to Vista Caballo, a remote ranch in Colorado where Lisa Arie had established an exclusive executive learning center for top-tier businesspeople. Montiel went through a private Vista Caballo Experience and told Neddermeyer that she had opened his heart, his mind and his perspective. Montiel was so grateful, and he prompted Neddermeyer to reach out to her.

Arie suggested The StillPoint Discovery Experience. Neddermeyer did the evaluations online and the subsequent 21 days of follow-up exercises. He engaged in “intense discussions” with Arie. She understood very quickly what was holding him back.

“She helped me understand that I needed to [recalibrate] my vision…and helped me recognize that I’m kind of very cerebrally based, and it’s very difficult for me to let my heart lead.” That was the key that would allow this master schoolteacher to engage more fully with students, colleagues and parents. He opened up and felt zero stress about doing so. It felt so natural.

“Before this, my relationships with other people were very surface. After doing The StillPoint, I recognized within myself a more balanced, less-guarded approach. Before, I had blinders on and wasn’t seeing to the side, the left and the right. Now, if what I see is uncomfortable, that’s OK because I feel capable of handling it.”

The upshot: He experienced a major change of perspective that has filtered into every aspect of his life. “My students ask me, ‘How can you be so calm, so at ease?’ Certainly after StillPoint, I’ve taken what Lisa has guided me toward understanding and used that in my meetings with the administration at school, discussions with parents, talks with small and large groups.


At first, Neddermeyer resisted. Lisa advised him to “give it a few days and see what happens.” He did, and what unfolded was an upheaval in Neddermeyer’s vision of himself and his world.

Has The StillPoint Experience improved his life? “I know it has. It’s changed the way I communicate with [students’] parents, with my family members, with people who come in and out of my life. I’ve encouraged friends to go through StillPoint. Professionally, I feel more centered. And in my private life, I’ve been able to begin a new relationship. After doing StillPoint, I can take a more honest and open approach and share my feelings. It’s really lovely.

“Overall, Lisa’s program has introduced balance to my life. Before this, imbalance was taking over my world. I’ve been comfortable letting the things I placed so much unnatural importance on go to the side. They’re still important, but my job, my family and taking care of myself are also important, maybe because I have a broader perspective.”

The StillPoint Experience has also made him happier. “I didn’t think of myself as an unhappy man before. But I’ve since recognized myself as being broadly unhappy before having this experience. Lisa’s program allows you to explore what makes you happier, not only in those brainiac things, but in personal relationships, too.”