FOR You and Your TeamS.

Stress may be inevitable but cumulative stress is absolutely avoidable. 

To create new patterns of thought we need small, consistent steps.When we deepen our connection to what is happening inside ourselves, we can transform our experience of what is happening around us. We may not be able to control our environment. But we can adapt. Not to stress but to a new way of being. It’s an art form. And when we master it, we are able to stand in any moment with presence and grace and lead others to do the same. Welcome to The VistaKind Experience- the art and science of taking a break.

 The VistaKind Experience is a virtual, integrative approach to wellness and self-care.It includes simple techniques you can do from anywhere to re-align the mind and body. Leave the 30 minute session feeling more balanced, resilient, and mentally and physically refreshed. Over time, this low maintenance practice can be developed and easily incorporated into your workday, your commute or anytime you need to refresh and reset. It is appropriate for all levels. 

Support yourself and your teams with a way to reset, to pause, to breathe and to deepen the connection to what is happening within yourselves, within the organization and within the environment in which you work.

Feel refreshed and recharged, powered up and ready to go again in  thirty minutes or less from wherever you are.


  • Participate in a science-based practice to think more clearly and make better, conscious  choices in 30 minutes, 3 x week.

  • Experience a shift from living in your head to living a full body/mind life

  • Help your teams develop resiliency, reduce exhaustion, anxiety and feel calm & clear

  • Come as you are. Chair is required.

  • Conducted via zoom. Choose to have your camera on or off

  • No previous experience required

  • Recommended for organizations seeking a beginning level of  investment in their people

       Get performance enhancing well-being on demand for you and your teams.


I signed up for The VistaKind Experience because I was struggling to keep my energy level high throughout each day. What was most surprising about the VistaKind Experience is just how simple it was and how effective it was. It got the job done with very little asked from me. It was a short 25-30 minute break in the middle of my day. Coming out of the break I could continue the rest of the day with good energy levels. I was also more alive and active with my family after the work day was done. I could see a difference within the first couple of days. It was immediate in terms of benefits.

What I took away from the program was there are simple techniques that can be accessed whenever I need them. They are now part of my toolbox. I was very happy with the structure of The VistaKind. It fit into my schedule and got me what I needed out of it. Once I saw how easy and useful it was I felt like it could also benefit my family. They are all so busy with work, with school. I was happy to have my 10 year old son go through it. I felt like he would get the same benefits out of it that I did. I definitely recommend VistaKind for any busy executive or business leader. It will help you feel better, will help you with your work by keeping your energy level even, help you stay away from exhaustion, hitting the end of the day depleted and instead feel re-energized and replenished for the whole day. I highly recommend The VistaKind Experience.

Sanjay Maljure
Managing Partner, Cloudview Partners

“VistaKind has been highly impactful to myself and my team. We have been extremely busy with our accelerated growth journey as a company which has led to many people feeling stretched from a work/life capacity and that is on top of us all navigating a global pandemic. So a busy and stressful time to say the least. Having a program like VistaKind where we regularly breathe and stretch together has made a big impact to our team and to me as a leader. I find myself to be calmer, able to take on a greater workload with less stress and in general a happier and more grounded person. VistaKind is a profoundly simple program helping us develop and strengthen critical leadership skills like executive function and emotional resilience. VistaKind is a program for our time. Every leader and their team could benefit from this program. Now is the time to build these skills and help ourselves and our teams become stronger people able to effectively navigate whatever life and business brings us.”

Angela Rassi
Vice President of Innovation, John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. (NASDAQ: JBSS)

Some feedback from the team:

My blood pressure has dropped five points and I’ve lost 20 pounds since we began VistaKind.” 

” I’ve noticed I’m more patient with my children now.”

” I’ve started practicing conscious breathing while I drive.

“I breathed consciously before a meetings and noticed the meeting went much better.

“VistaKind provided our team with the space and direction we needed to build resiliency as our company grew and faced continual changes. The impact we’ve seen within a small amount of time to refocus our energy with intentional movements and mindfulness is truly impressive. Work will always have challenges, now we are just better prepared for them.”

Theresa Callaghan
Sales Operations Manager, Lily’s Sweets