As more than 800 executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals interacted with the work of Vista Caballo and stepped across their personal chasms into the lives that they were meant to live, Lisa And Jess Arie watched as—one by one—they became more effective leaders and happier, more fulfilled human beings.

Witnessing the profound, positive ripple effects on the people and the planet around these individuals as they left the Vista grounds, Lisa and Jess felt compelled to discover the essence of these life-giving transformations and articulate it in such a way to allow them to bring the work forward into our world on a much larger scale. Their research led them to the creation of The StillPoint Experience™. The StillPoint Experience gives you the missing information you need to respond to moments of ambiguity and uncertainty boldly-with confidence-and bigger, better decisions. Obstacles and barriers become powerless in the face of self-realization.

The StillPoint Discovery Experience is a fast track of The StillPoint Experience™. Lisa Arie personally leads you and/or your teams through the thinking behind your thinking-your metacognition. Here you can see your thinking in action, and uncover new possibilities. Lisa teaches you how to use the tool and the learning to change your approach, shorten the gap to reaching your goals and carry your learning forward into the world.

Lisa Arie Photo Lisa defines and articulates the specific, often unspoken, challenge(s) with uncanny, laser-like, accuracy. A series of phone calls are scheduled to match each 21 day check point of your 63 day journey. (It takes 21 days to form a new neural pathway.) She helps you correlate the findings that are revealed-in real time. She guides you through the deeper understanding of what you are learning and the impact of these deeper understandings in your everyday life and in the challenges you are ready to solve.

What others have said…

“We went through The StillPoint Discovery as an executive team. In a short, 45-minute conversation with Lisa Arie, our team had more than one aha moment that we are still talking about. Love the learning!”
— Sarah McNally,
President, Transform Corporation

“Within minutes of being on a call, Lisa very quickly navigates you to the heart of the matter. Equally quickly, like threading the eye of a needle, you are on the other side, looking back on what was and seeing yourself from a new perspective. The StillPoint Experience is invaluable. The value of The StillPoint Discovery is exponential.”
— Will Tams,
Founder, The Collective Spark

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