Lisa Arie has an uncanny, natural ability to ask the right question. She leads you and/or your teams past your everyday thinking to the thinking behind your thinking. With newfound awareness, you can see the answer to even your most daunting challenge that was there all along. You learn how to change your approach, shorten the gap to achieving your goals and how to carry your learning forward into the world.

Lisa Arie, the creator of The Vista System personally guides you, or you and and your team(s), through this powerful toolkit. If your time is a premium and you’d like to fast forward your own or your teams’ thinking, this is the route for you. Availability is limited.

What others have said…

“We went through The StillPoint Discovery as an executive team. In a short, 45-minute conversation with Lisa Arie, our team had more than one aha moment that we are still talking about. Love the learning!”
— Sarah McNally,
CEO, Transform Corporation

“Within minutes of being on a call, Lisa very quickly navigates you to the heart of the matter. Equally quickly, like threading the eye of a needle, you are on the other side, looking back on what was and seeing yourself from a new perspective. The StillPoint Experience is invaluable. The value of The StillPoint Discovery is exponential.”
— Will Tams,
Founder, The Collective Spark

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