A Case For Mindfulness

At Vista Caballo, the elite Colorado leadership center we founded after a life of world travels and multimillion-dollar businesses, we believe in the power of “mindfulness.” For us, it is a critical tool in alleviating the “mindless” waste of energy and resources that pervades the globe on an individual and corporate level. Why mindfulness? Because […]

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Are You Stressing Your People Out? Then Change Your Thinking.

The answer to sustainably decreasing stress lies in a simple shift in perception. When you become aware of how you’re impacting others, you can inspire people to be innovative and productive. And your business and families can thrive. The first step is being aware that you’re causing stress and then stopping the offending behavior. If […]

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Become More Creative: Release the Stress, Embrace the Tension

Most people will experience a huge level of stress as they are reaching a new level of development. The reason we feel this stress is because we feel out of control. And usually, we feel out of control because we haven’t discerned what the threat is. You might think the threat is economics—will the stock […]

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Find Balance, Save Your Life

When we first moved to the Great Sage Plains of Colorado, the sacred ancient grounds of the Ute, Anasazi and Hopi, we decided to live as sustainably as possible, making as little impact as possible.One of our first considerations was water, namely how to find it in this arid high desert. It was a conundrum […]

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Should Work-Life Balance Be A Priority

The other day, I was taking a business owner through one of our one-on -one discovery calls. We were discussing his quest for balance in his life. He has a flourishing business, a fabulous and healthy marriage, three young boys (two baby twins), and a passion for cycling. He loves them all.Who wouldn’t?I used his […]

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Want To Spur Company Growth? Let Your Heart Talk To Your Brain

As published by CEO. The CEO Magazine. Recent studies show the physical connections between the heart and the brain profoundly influence the decisions humans make.This is automatic. It is also undeniable. The more effective your heart systems are, the better the higher functions of the brain will operate. The result: more intelligent decisions and a […]

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Is Nature Intelligent?

In the recent dispute over whether a selfie can belong to a monkey, the monkey lost. The U.S. Copyright Office decided that the selfies a group of Indonesian macaques snapped belong to no one. Food for thought, but what seems to have been lost in this episode is another, larger issue — how intelligent these […]

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How To Master A Business Launch, Even When Critics Are Blowing Your Mojo

This is a story of courage and possibilities.  Allison McGuire, the cofounder and CEO of Sketch Factor, a new app that geotags “sketchy” trouble spots for pedestrians based on user comments and publicly available data, had to rebuff criticism that her app facilitates racism…even before it went live earlier this month.  This happened, according to […]

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Reaching Your Full Potential: The Secret? Getting Introspective

Think about it: If something has worked, you want to do it time and again because there’s less risk involved—the results are proven. Brains are constructed to mitigate risk and are committed entirely to survival. So what do we do in the world we experience right now, where we have to be practical, creative and […]

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Fear Of The Unknown – Part III – Play and the Vista Caballo experience

I wouldn’t qualify myself as one of the top 10 most creative kids on the playground – and that’s proven to me by my 6-year old niece and my 6-year old goddaughter on a fairly regular basis. When they say “Let’s build a fort,” I can still feel myself reaching for the phone book to […]

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Fear Of The Unknown – PART II – The lost art of play

What does play look like if you (like so many adults) have difficulty connecting to your sense of play? A few years ago I probably couldn’t have answered that question. I’d become so work-driven I lost my sense of play.A coach I hired gave me an exercise. She said, “I want you to give me a […]

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Fear Of The Unknown – PART I – What Is It really about?

I would be hard pressed to tell you how often I have heard someone say, “I want to do this or that, but I am afraid.” I am quite fascinated with human behavior and what drives it. I am usually led to ask, “Afraid of what?” I am quite often met with the response: “Afraid of the […]

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The Primal Connection

There has to be something more. It’s crossed all our minds. It’s the phrase that, once it’s popped into your head, you can’t shake. You have to do something. Discover something. Create something. It’s probably this instinct for adventure, for discovery, that has gotten you where you are today, but it’s this same intuitive searching that […]

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How to Have a Successful Life: Stop Looking at What’s Missing and Be Honest with Yourself

We wake up every day wondering how to have a successful life. We start with a list of things to be fixed, corrected, and filled in. We start out every day with what is missing.We become practiced in approaching life that way. And then we wonder why we feel insecure, scared, or unsafe? There’s no […]

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Life After Fear

Whatever you are most afraid of will continue to show up in your life until you face it. Facing your fear is the start to a life of freedom. Not managing your fear. Not overcoming it. Facing it. Fear hangs around in one form or another until you have braved the fire and gone through […]

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