Meet Lisa Arie

Lisa Arie is a master at navigating the unknown. She’s done it all her life.

The former founder and CEO of two multi-million dollar companies, Lisa learned at a very young age how to wake up in a world without context, and thrive. Tucked in the arms of globetrotting parents, she travelled across six continents and developed a fearless sense of adventure, all the while honing her instinctive intelligence and learning to make decisions without assumptions.

Using the world as her springboard, Lisa’s career began in the fast-paced, high-strung, anything-goes jungle on Madison Avenue. She worked on some of the advertising industry’s most notable campaigns, including the landmark Motel 6 campaign with Tom Bodett. From there, Lisa founded two pioneering companies in production and talent management, which became a standard for a new way of doing business on Madison Avenue.

As her business soared, part of Lisa didn’t. She noticed a gap growing between who she really was and current ‘measures of success’. So she left what she knew to go discover a new measure of success for herself — and in doing so she learned — and now shares with others, the gift of reconnecting with our instinctive intelligence to navigate the unexpected moments life inevitably brings us with speed, agility, and conviction.

In her role as CEO mentor, Lisa draws guests from around the world looking for ways to discover and explore their own innate instinctual intelligence and access a fuller range of responses they had no idea existed.

Today, described by Fast Company as the “CEO Whisperer”, Lisa Arie is an author, speaker and the founder of Vista Caballo, an inclusive self discovery center for a new breed of visionary leaders, thinkers and explorers. It is a discovery zone for people who have accomplished much and want to take their game to a new level.